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Saturday, 16 September 2017

www.a3mania.com a target of Wahhabi Saudi-Propaganda to influence Indian youngsters to be Traitor's.

After thorough analysis and research, I have come across various aspect's of Propaganda of how Saudi-Wahhabi influence is infiltrating Indian Gaming Industry and influencing Indian kid's.
It is of utmost concern that this spread of Wahhabi ideologies to influence Indian kid's through online games is being promoted by Indian people who do the business for fund's coming from other countries. There are many other ways in which these online games have become breeding ground to promote Scamming, and subterfuge techniques, It would not be wise to deny that scamming ways might be worse than Nigerian scammer's. These youngsters also undergo serious mental harassment and lose their ability to connect to social life and becomes emotionless, Most of the kid's who play games like www.a3mania.com undergo serious criminal inclination and are met with unrestricted access to thing's which in normal world would be considered criminal by law. It is time, we Indians monitor such industry and the fund's they receive by asking the government, since there have been many issues in lives of these kid's where they meet group's of such influential propagandist, and they do so by using gaming Vector's for their benefit, for example a Kid will be in fear psychosis of these people and will do whatever he/she can do to appease such people, which also means accepting their ideology, Such vulnerabilities of kid's are easy to exploit by these propagandists.

I will post detailed research material and survey report's soon, such that we can ask the government to control such online games and restrict the propaganda spread by them.
Jai Hind.