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Monday, 2 May 2011

Should Euthanasia be legalized ?

Should Euthanasia be legalized ?

Euthanasia is the practice of killing one self to end the pain  and the suffering thus giving up hope resulting in depressed emotional outburst wherein the decision making is due to imbalanced depressed emotions, Its giving up on the human instinct to survive and it is absolutely not human. With such an understanding I absolutely disagree on Euthanasia being legalized

We should not legalize Euthanasia for reasons that it is demotivating and it sets bad example for the Society , It persuades and  develop suicidal tendencies in many people, and last but not the least It’s not basic human instinct for survival.

Euthanasia  is immoral and its practice should be condemned , it is a very demotivating example for the rest of the humans ,and obviously cannot make a society boom with good thinking and to adapt more relevant ways of healthy life to make human survival instinct as a dominent, instead will end up Demotivating and leaving people in dynamics of frustration and social biased perceptions.

Secondly It Persuades people and develops suicidal tendencies with an option to die when people can’t compete and struggle. Thus whoever is Depressed may end up taking advantage of Euthanasia and commit suicide. However this cannot stop people from committing suicide but it will give more people a reason to commit suicide, thus will validate and support that "SUICIDE" is the ultimate solution for every problem. This will make many humans incompetent of many things which includes solving the problem in every kind of situation.

Last but not the least euthanasia is against human nature, which is to survive in every possible condition . There are many examples of survivors of many diseases from worst condition, there have been survivors and they lived longer than many normal people, They could survive because they did not give up hope and followed their instinct of survival.

Therefore concluding Euthanasia is something which once comes to your mind you start thinking about it and later it takes grip of your thoughts and then you think you are suffering. The simple solution to this is not to be asked such a question.. Because once a Question is asked you start finding answers for it with your own favorable condition and try to validate it according to your status of suffering and condition . Thus you forget the real objective of life which is Live Life to its fullest age and live, all the rest aspect comes in between your living life. Thus I think Euthanasia doesn't stand a Chance to be legalized.