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Monday, 2 May 2011

Should Euthanasia be legalized ?

Should Euthanasia be legalized ?

Euthanasia is the practice of killing one self to end the pain  and the suffering thus giving up hope resulting in depressed emotional outburst wherein the decision making is due to imbalanced depressed emotions, Its giving up on the human instinct to survive and it is absolutely not human. With such an understanding I absolutely disagree on Euthanasia being legalized

We should not legalize Euthanasia for reasons that it is demotivating and it sets bad example for the Society , It persuades and  develop suicidal tendencies in many people, and last but not the least It’s not basic human instinct for survival.

Euthanasia  is immoral and its practice should be condemned , it is a very demotivating example for the rest of the humans ,and obviously cannot make a society boom with good thinking and to adapt more relevant ways of healthy life to make human survival instinct as a dominent, instead will end up Demotivating and leaving people in dynamics of frustration and social biased perceptions.

Secondly It Persuades people and develops suicidal tendencies with an option to die when people can’t compete and struggle. Thus whoever is Depressed may end up taking advantage of Euthanasia and commit suicide. However this cannot stop people from committing suicide but it will give more people a reason to commit suicide, thus will validate and support that "SUICIDE" is the ultimate solution for every problem. This will make many humans incompetent of many things which includes solving the problem in every kind of situation.

Last but not the least euthanasia is against human nature, which is to survive in every possible condition . There are many examples of survivors of many diseases from worst condition, there have been survivors and they lived longer than many normal people, They could survive because they did not give up hope and followed their instinct of survival.

Therefore concluding Euthanasia is something which once comes to your mind you start thinking about it and later it takes grip of your thoughts and then you think you are suffering. The simple solution to this is not to be asked such a question.. Because once a Question is asked you start finding answers for it with your own favorable condition and try to validate it according to your status of suffering and condition . Thus you forget the real objective of life which is Live Life to its fullest age and live, all the rest aspect comes in between your living life. Thus I think Euthanasia doesn't stand a Chance to be legalized.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

What are the Causes and Effects of conflict

Conflict is the disagreement of thoughts or ideas among 2 or more individual or group, The causes of conflict and its aftermath could be negative or positive depending to individual or group ways of taking the situation. 
                                 The causes of conflict and its effect could vary  due to a common cause between two parties governed by misunderstanding, assertion of power, ignorance to needs and feelings of other person, disagreement over facts and opinion, fighting over perceived value, not matching expectation of other individual or group, and most commonly trying to help or give advise .
           Misunderstanding is commonly caused due to rumors and pre-imaging which leads to parties guessing about each other leading to confusion and feeling of mistrust and biased prejudices. Its after effects could be a disaster leading to violent actions sometimes leading to death of one party.The other side could be building a better bond among 2 parties.
                     Assesrtion of power has always been a reason of greatest conflicts between 2 individuals, groups or countries, religion, tribes. This is one kind of conflict which evolved from the day man evolved . Its in Human Nature to lead and be a leader, Assertion of power cannot be compromised easily untill both parties want to fallback or runaway from conflict. The effect of this conflict has always been the same " To rule one should be ruler and other should be follower". One party is always crushed by the other.
                                                                   Ignorance to needs and feelings of other individual concerns friends, family and people around you, these people have a certain set of expectation which is somehow broken by another party. The breaking of expectation could be fatal leading to complete boycott of another party, or it could make the friendship more good.
                                                         Conflict of Disagreement over facts and opinion could be positive and negative .This is the most common type of conflict, the better opinion is always appreciated and wins the course, However the other party is not in agreement and tries to prove his points though many possible ways could be dangerous aswell. Sometimes people really go too far to prove their point and end up loosing everything, even loosing life for an opinion.
                                                      Conflict of fighting over perceived value, set of rules among two parties is very unanimous and unpredictable, it depends upon the individual source of thinking, cultural values, religion, country, even person personality. The consciquences  is devastation, getting physical, abusive, violent is common . This conflict doesn't have a positive aspect at all, it leads to enemity for ages, permanent rivalry, which is not so easily forgotten. 
                                                     Last but not the least Trying to help and advise is one of the major causes of disagreement between 2 different parties which is maximun time between 2 different age groups. This set of conflict is commonly seen among parents and kids, student and teacher. Some times the situation becomes really bad leading one advised party to act very noobishly and do silly acts of Homicide or trying to hurt the parents or teacher by doing something bad, but the idea is to defend himself or herself. It has positive consciquences aswell, which leads to making the advised party to be better. 
                             Thus concluding all aspects of conflicts and their effects entirely depend upon the two parties that how far they are really willing to go with their conflict, Conflict is bad but it sometimes is also good. We humans get into conflict and evolve our ways of thinking and approach towards human understandings. It is through the old conflicts that we learn to live life more properly without conflicts, learning how not to make a conflict and understand the results. Therefore Humans Stay humans by getting involved into conflicts and by solving their conflicts so as they live life peacefully and with harmony.

What are The Causes and Effects of conflict

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

†šuÇÇ£šš†™ How can success be defined

Success is the virtue by which a person gains a certain kind of respect by accomplishing the work considered by him of Social Diginity , and it is done by excelling in the work or executing the task in hand in the best possible way, thus setting an example for others, so as they can follow it , appreciate it. Success can be categorized into 6 different types depending upon the person set of goals and expectations to what he or she considers as SUCCESS. it can be Puritan, Materialistic, Power, Spiritual, Contributor, Escapist.
                                       Puritan way is the way of proving yourself, Here we depend upon our actions and set up standards, and every time you prove to some task you add that as your achievement giving it sense of worthiness, and its never the end, once you accomplished a task, there will be more of it.
                                     Materialistic on the other hand is gaining luxury and status, It is something which governs our current society, people who have more money are considered to be most successful. 
                                    However Power category is to gain as much control as possible Its like politicians gaining control of society managers managing a company.
                                   On the contrary Spiritual is completely different from Power and Materialistic  it is to remove your temptations and transcend in present. It resists desires for material gratification, and instead chooses to be attached to spiritual realm,
                                  Contributor is some one who has made our society and are making it more better, they rejoice contributing and consider it as their success if people live life more properly, In short they tend to create a better world for other people and future generations. In some way for some people being able to Give back is the most rewarding way of life.
                                An escapist is someone who believes in having as much fun as possible and with peak experiences. these people believe in life as one big opportunity to enjoy.These people are most happening people and they are always in search of fun, humor and its endless.    

                           Thus concluding everyone want to be a successful man depending upon their defination of success and every one wants to be successfull throught life and not in parts. Thus SUCCESS is defined when we define ourselves.      

Thursday, 3 March 2011

What does the term "Needs" mean to average person today, how does it differ from one person to another.

The term "Needs" can be defined as an essential requisite which vary for every individual, 
                                                    An average person leading a life with requirements have different prophecy and hence have different needs.
                                                                    An average person "needs" i.e the requisites may vary, yet can be categorised depending upon general concepts, or by bringing the collective definition of need for most of them, few of the categories factors are Relationship requirements, Physical or material need, Social society safety needs, Psycological needs .
                                                                                        Relationship requirements comprise of communities, religion, family, friends. it is what gives you strength and sometimes to make a list of family related requirements of material wealth for yourself. For an average person family is a concern, Maximum asians are family oriented people, therefore they make requirements and needs on basis of whats good for the family.
                                                             Psycological needs on the other hand is very critical. One has to have a certain mindset for their psycological  needs for some people morale and justice could be , what they seek for, and for others it might be EGO, self respect, Esteem . however for it may also very for people who are fun loving and humorous. But everyone wants to meet their psycological needs.
            When we talk about Physical or material needs, its always reliastic, It includes water, food, shelter, gadgets, equipments, It is something for which most of the people compromise on other requirements, giving it a certain kind of priority.
                                                                                   Eventually when we talked about physical need we talked about social Society requirements. It is an important  component and cannot be taken in to account lightly, Society affects us the most, the  way we behave, the way or tradition we follow to make our survial through a livelihood, Our geatures, Customs, the attire we wear, Symbol of diginity that we create. In fact Social Society shapes our survival through a certain level of requirements we make. Social Society also helps to make a reputation which we enjoy, In short Social Society is what we actuaaly shape and live our lives.
                                                                                                    On the other hand Safety needs includes both psycological and physical aspects, it's due to safety need people have to build such sophisticated war weapons as well as advanced medicinal systems,  But when we talk about average men safety needs, it mainly concerns mediccal insurances, crime defense systems, Prevention of theft dacoits. As we also concluded that it also covers psycological safety, we can explain it by the example of men being concerned about their mental health, as a result of which, many people have done research and they developed study of psycology. and we have professional psycatrist to help with mental illness of any kind.
                                                                                    Thus coming to a common agreement an average man "Needs"  illustrates factors which are all linked to one another, and above all "needs" requirements makes the man to live, remain occupied, be creative and have a proper meaning and goal, thus living life to the full tenure to keep the legacy and hierarchy of humans.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

List of Subjects I Love to Do....

Yeah! There might be many subjects which you must have keen interest yet you give specifically more attention to a few...

My List Ilustrates many, yet I would frstly would like to let you know the meaning of hobby....
Hobby is what we love to do or we do most of the time when we are free, or things we like to do the most at leisure time. Apart from Hobbies we may have other Temptations.....

I love to play all kinds of sport, i have appetitite for all kind of movies and songs and music,, there is one condition to it,,, the music and the movie should be pleasant to my ears and and understanding... There are a variety of of things I love to do and it always depends upon periodic events and its not planned or scheduled most of the time....

I love almost everything, I love to walk although i love to walk but I love it more when i mingle songs and add my own music and spice and flavour in the music... I love to dance, I could master all dance formats as nothing is impossible for humans that other human has already done.. but I feel and find the main motive of dance is to replenish myself and communicate with people in style and most obviously impress girls, and i discovered people like even simple dance to enjoy so i can do Disco- and bid for the desired :)

I play almost everykind of sport, I am very competitive and I like to challenge myself with someone who is better than me or who is the master of the masters :D... I do this not to get some reputation but to learn and it makes you better and maybe the best... I dont mind If i loose... because i think if i loose i can figure out my mistakes..... MORE IMPORTANTLY """ CORRECTION OF MISTAKES LEADING TO FAILURE , MAKES YOU THE SUCCESSFULL MAN """ Apart from these intrests my hobbies are online games, Chess singing, Thinking and exploring, Adventured of expeditions and so on..................

I think with these final words i was able to some how explain subjects of interest

Thus Signing Off  wizkidsid A.K.A Sid

your comments are Welcomed.. I am waiting :xD

Ɔ¡TµÐ£ towards Writing.....

When we talk about attitude towards writing... We can explain it more precisely, When we ask a few Questions to our selves about the general trends of writing.....

Q:- "Writing" A History? Or an endangered Skill?

The answer to this question might surprise many people, As we don't write much these days, We tend to focus on already existing facts and depicted figured and palarize them, Writing thus is becoming a skill which is endangered and might become History, or maybe the quality of writing might become worse to worst....

Q:- Why Do we need to write?

It's as simple as the Myth of the World, The Myth of the world is Life and its origin...
                                                                    whereas we write to communicate and save memoir of our experiences we encountered which may be helpful to others in many ways.

Q:- "Writing" is what makes us learn and inherit the human Qualities of our ancestors..What do you think about it?

Of,course It always have been better to depict the information more precisely and specifically through our writing, Which can make a human learn exactly the same or 100% what the other person has written... In short when we write we create a hierchy

Q:- What should be the answer for Attitude?

The to this question is just the example illustrated.. "The Myth of Bable" "Bable is a place called Babylon"

I Believe in God So i included this example to explain how writing is important.....

The Myth says All Human beings on Earth used to communicate in same language earlier, So the consequences was, The Human Became very power full, But there was one drawback Humans only knew to communicate and did not know to write.. So what Human overconsumed by their decree of power decided to challenge god and tried to make a Building Higher than Heaven.. The God annoyed by this came down to earth and analysed the Humans and found out communication in same language was the real power in the hands of Humans... Knowing the fact that humans do not know to write. the God divided the languages , to create confusion and chaos, due to this confusion and unability to understand each other the humans could not build the building, AND AS THEY DID NOT KNEW HOW TO WRITE IT BECAME IMPOSSIBLE TO RECOLLECT THEIR WORK AND PREVIOUS LANGUAGE' Thus you see The importance of writing....